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Erin-Konheim-Mandras-HeadshotKICK THE SCALE: A mommy blog with advice from a former soccer star who overcame an eating disorder & learned about life along the way.

Erin Konheim Mandras is a mom of two boys, married to a wonderful husband, Jon, and resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a currently a blogger at where she focuses on eating disorders, body image, exercise, and nutrition, particularly in athletes. Erin’s writings have appeared on several national websites, including Born and raised in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Konheim Mandras played college soccer at Michigan State University. Immediately following her collegiate career, she played semi-professional women’s soccer. She then pursued college coaching, in which she has six years of experience. She began her career at her alma mater, MSU, and then moved on to Towson University and Loyola University Maryland before choosing to be at home full-time with her children. Konheim Mandras continues to coach youth soccer in Baltimore, Maryland.


Why can that bitch eat THAT and be that skinny

How Can She Eat That & Stay Skinny?

I hate her for being able to eat that and still be skinny. You know that girl. We all know ...
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We Are Calling Drinks “Skinny” Now, Too.

I, along with many others, just spent fifteen minutes of my day waiting in a line that stretched from the ...
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A Letter To Lady Gaga

Dear Lady Gaga, Not only am I writing you to apologize, but I am thanking you from the bottom of ...
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Sometimes It Would Be Easier If It Came With A Handbook

In this day and age, it has become so easy for me to go on my phone, click on my ...
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To Recover, Exercise Has Been Banned

I can feel my body spreading. Literally, as I sit on the couch, I can see and notice that my ...
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This Could Help Coaches WIN

Upon returning home from Los Angeles, California, and presenting at the largest annual gathering of soccer coaches in the world, ...
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Why Educating & Inspiring Can Save Lives

I'm on the airplane headed to Los Angeles, California on this Tuesday morning. I was offered the opportunity to present ...
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I Lied To My Teacher… And Got Busted.

My four-year-old son lost his two bottom teeth this week. This made him the first friend in his class to ...
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Why My New Year’s Resolution Is NOT To Lose Weight

As the New Year is quickly approaching, and people are sharing their New Year's resolutions via social media, among friends, ...
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