KICK THE SCALE: A mommy blog with advice from a former soccer star who overcame an eating disorder & learned about life along the way.

Erin Konheim Mandras is a mom of three boys, married to a wonderful husband, Jon, and resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a currently a blogger at where she focuses on eating disorders, body image, exercise, and nutrition, particularly in athletes. Erin’s writings have appeared on several national websites, including Born and raised in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Konheim Mandras played college soccer at Michigan State University. Immediately following her collegiate career, she played semi-professional women’s soccer. She then pursued college coaching, in which she has six years of experience. She began her career at her alma mater, MSU, and then moved on to Towson University and Loyola University Maryland before choosing to be at home full-time with her children. Konheim Mandras continues to coach youth soccer in Baltimore, Maryland. Erin is the recipient of the 2017 Nell C. Jackson Outstanding Alumna Award from the Michigan State University Varsity “S” Club.


The #1 Reason Body Shaming Needs To F*ing Stop.

While I wasn’t disqualified by a referee for my school-issued uniform revealing too much bare body, I was taunted by ...
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Why I Hate The Sound of an Ice Cream Truck Now.

The sound of the ice cream truck reverberated through our community, and instantly all of the kids began screaming and ...
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The One Moment That Would Shatter My Body Image Forever.

It only takes one moment, one second, one phrase to shatter a girl’s self-image, and take away her innocence forever ...
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Basing Our Self-Worth On Instagram Accounts Like Arielle Charnas’s Is Destroying Our Mental Health.

While I have the utmost respect when someone creates their own stardom and successes, I can’t help but cringe when ...
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It’s Not As Perfect As It Always Seems.

Every kid dreams of being a collegiate athlete. Every parent dreams that a scholarship is offered. But not everyone knows ...
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A Letter To The Girl Who I’m Watching Wither Away At The Gym.

To the girl I see at the gym everyday: Each day I walk up the steps to the cardio equipment ...
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Behind This Perfect Family Picture Was An Imperfect Story.

I am guilty of it, and I’ll be the first to admit it. I take a hundred different shots, delete ...
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How I Learned The Hard Way That Skinny Does Not Equate to Fast.

I took the short cut. The short cut that so many athletes take. The short cut that Allie Kieffer was referring ...
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My Anorexic Radar Went Off From One Glance At The Girl Behind The Counter.

Some believe they have Gaydar, and are able to sense if a person is gay or straight. Some believe they ...
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Every kid dreams of being a collegiate athlete. Every parent dreams that a scholarship is offered. But not everyone knows the emotional toll that comes with being a college athlete. If we continue to view this life through rose colored glasses, then stories like this will continue to happen. The pressure these kids feel to succeed in their sport, classroom, and socially can be incredibly overwhelming, and rightfully so. I was a college athlete, who accepted a full-ride scholarship to a power 5 school. Trust me, I wish I was telling you this to brag. But, I’m not. I’m sharing with you all who dreamRead More →