Have you ever had to quit or walk away from something that you committed to because of your mental health? A time that you had to actually acknowledge you had a problem, and then admit it to those relying on you to fulfill an obligation? Admittedly, I have, and it was crushing, demoralizing, and humiliating. The situation I faced seems minuscule to that of Naomi Osaka—a tennis great who withdrew from the French Open and revealed that she has experienced depression and anxiety since winning her first major at the 2018 US Open. Quitting was never an option for me. I had always persevered, pushedRead More →

Every kid dreams of being a collegiate athlete. Every parent dreams that a scholarship is offered. But not everyone knows the emotional toll that comes with being a college athlete. If we continue to view this life through rose colored glasses, then stories like this will continue to happen. The pressure these kids feel to succeed in their sport, classroom, and socially can be incredibly overwhelming, and rightfully so. I was a college athlete, who accepted a full-ride scholarship to a power 5 school. Trust me, I wish I was telling you this to brag. But, I’m not. I’m sharing with you all who dreamRead More →