One of the most important traits of a coach is the ability to manage players and personalities. As a former player under Erin, I felt like she was always in tune with her players needs. Erin was a memorable and influential coach for a number of reasons – her passion and energy for the game, her ability to teach, but, most importantly, her ability to engage her players on a personal level. Erin’s ability to connect and motivate both individually and collectively is what made her a successful coach. As a player, I felt like Erin was invested in me and my development – both on and off the field. As a current college coach, that’s a skill I’m working to improve in my Arsenal. Erin’s ability to identify, work through, and resolve problems has been immensely important in my life, as a 19 year old, and still to this day. I can say with complete certainty that Erin will continue to engage, motivate, and assist people of all ages with conflicts and challenges they encounter through their lifetime.

Kelly FarrellAssistant Women's Soccer Coach, University of Alabama-Birmingham, former Loyola University Maryland women's soccer player