Erin’s honest and raw account was relevant for all Athletic Department personnel.  Student-Athletes and Staff in attendance were engaged throughout the entire interactive presentation.  As a coach, it opened up my eyes to the little comments that add up inside of our student-athletes’ heads.  Most importantly, at the end, she remained available for a heartfelt Question & Answer period, that allowed our Student-Athletes to connect even deeper.Read More →

“Students were able to relate to her sincere approach and her honesty about her incredible journey.  She is an inspiration for her courage in speaking out and raising awareness.  Erin is a must have speaker and we were grateful for her visit!”Read More →

Your presentation was more than effective: it was riveting, helping students understand the challenges they deal with as teenagers by sharing your own struggles, along with your hard-earned victories. You demonstrated courage and faith to our students, and truly presented them with a role model of an articulate and brave young woman, who overcame adversity and became an inspiration to others. I pray that you continue to reach out, speak out and change lives.Read More →

What I love about people like Erin Mandras is her courage, her willingness to share a story that hurts, to show she’s not perfect. Erin was vulnerable, as we all are, to getting sucked in to the societal pressures of image, beauty and what we perceive as good health. And now Erin is sharing her battle and her journey, one which every young girl, teenager and college student should hear, because it is a wake-up call which will undoubtedly change and save lives. Let Erin help you to reshape your mind and your spirit, instead of trying to reshape your body.Read More →

One of the most important traits of a coach is the ability to manage players and personalities. As a former player under Erin, I felt like she was always in tune with her players needs. Erin was a memorable and influential coach for a number of reasons – her passion and energy for the game, her ability to teach, but, most importantly, her ability to engage her players on a personal level. Erin’s ability to connect and motivate both individually and collectively is what made her a successful coach. As a player, I felt like Erin was invested in me and my development – bothRead More →

As Erin’s husband I have personally witnessed her uncanny ability to fight through life’s adversities all while positively influencing those around her. Erin’s drive and courage are contagious and I know she will be a success at her mission of empathetically helping others through some of the same difficult tribulations she has endured during her path from young athlete to motherhood.Read More →

I have had the pleasure of knowing Erin Konheim Mandras for over 2 decades. She is a talented, warm, generous and passionate woman. As a writer, blogger, public speaker and consultant, she is a beacon of hope to so many. She has overcome significant hurdles in her life and used those experiences to learn more about herself in order to help others. As a rabbi, I consult with Erin to help those who are challenged by eating disorders and Erin is always helpful and empathetic.Read More →

Erin Konheim Mandras spoke on a panel at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s Feeding Conference, which was hosted in October, 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. Erin Mandras is a dynamic and highly effective speaker. She has a strong fund of knowledge, interesting expertise and portrays a clear message. She is not afraid to tell it like it is.Read More →

There is much to learn from Erin’s personal journey in her battle with her eating disorder. What stands out most to me as her former coach was the courage she showed in facing up to her condition and taking it head-on. She was honest with herself and made up her mind to do what she had to do get better. It was gratifying to watch her get well and really have the chance to enjoy her experience as an elite student-athlete.Read More →

In October 2014, Erin Konheim Mandras was inducted into the Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. Mrs. Mandras gave an induction speech that touched the lives of many generations. It was exceptional as she highlighted her growth throughout her soccer career. Her speech was one of the highlights of the evening and I would highly recommend her as a motivational speaker.Read More →